Some Call it Noise


Some Call it Noise is a radio documentary looking at the sounds, artist’s and experts working with Very Low Frequency (VLF) sound. It presents these works and interviews layered together as a stream of consciousness sound work which can be experienced on multiple levels.

The artists, experts and works featured are:

Patrick Sykes, Sunsong: Featuring: Dr Simon Foster, Stephen McGreevy, Dan Tapper

Nasa Sound Archive: Various sounds of space radio and radio transmission taken from the NASA archive including audio from Kepler, Saturn, HASP and test transmissions

Dan Tapper, various electromagnetic recordings of objects: Various sounds recorded electromagnetically of household objects including routers, mobile telephones and televisions

Semiconductor – 20Hz

Joyce Hinterding – Spectral, Antiopic

Alvin Lucier – Sferics, Lovely Music

Dan Tapper – Changing Signals

Dan Tapper – Recording The Spirit Level

Dan Tapper – Close Lightning Spherics

Honor Harger – A History of the Universe in Sound, TED

Some Call it Noise was shortlisted for the BBC and Royal Geographical Society’s Journey of a Lifetime Award in 2015.

In early 2016 I began story boarding, developing and gathering preliminary footage in New York and Massachusetts, USA to develop Some Call it Noise into a feature length film documentary:

“A journey through the desert and ice of North America to find something even more exotic. A hidden world of sound and information, explored by scientists, artists and eccentrics, living at the far reaches of civilization.

Some Call it Noise looks at the motivation of the people listening to the sky and the technology that reveals these strange sounds that are helping them decipher the universe.“


Some Call it Noise has been broadcast and presented: Radiophrenia, UK, 2016, Kingston Green Radio, UK, 2016, Resonance FM, UK, 2015, Sonica FM, UK, 2015, NAISA, Toronto, Canada, 2015, New River Studios, UK, 2015, Bath Spa University, UK

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