Physical Media Matter


Physical Media Matter is a salon style show bringing together three months of work made whilst living and developing projects in Toronto, Canada. The works focus on taking information from the physical world, converting this information into data points and digital media, working with this information and outputting the altered content as tangible art pieces through analog interfaces, image projection, CNC produced images, radio transmission and physical performance.

My extended interactions with the studio space allowed me to experiment and develop a new work – the basis of an installation called Threads:

Threads is an inquiry into the physical transmission of sound. Sculptural networks carrying vibrations, distorted through natural interaction. A simple thread becomes an interface for the transfer of information and imagination, from aeolian harps to antennas listening to the sound of the stars a sculpted mycelium of interconnected sonic networks.

I will continue to develop Threads during a two-month (March, April 2017) residency at Farside Bar and Art Studio, Toronto, Canada.




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