Heliosphere is a creative exploration of the solar system through sound and image. The piece involves a variety of techniques to creatively interpret information gathered from space – sonifications and visualizations of planetary orbits, controlling synthesizer LFOs and cutoffs using the electromagnetic emissions of a pulsar, creating impulse responses from the earth’s ionosphere and building a makeshift model heliosphere from a balloon and string of lights – used to resonate sound and perform audio reactive light painting.

By combining audio synthesis, image creation and composition with data sonification techniques, Heliosphere explores the creative elements that are present in the choices made in the representation of sound and visual data from space – much of which has been edited, sonified, visualized or approximated by researchers and organizations.

Heliosphere is part of an ongoing creative research and development project (Turbulent Forms) exploring space through sound, data, text, image and imagination in a form of bedroom cosmology.

Heliosphere was presented as a film work in Turbulent Forms, Factory Media Centre, Hamilton, Canada, 2016 and as a diffused audio work as part of the 2016 Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium, Toronto, Canada directed by New Adventures in Sound Art.

The raw source audio for Heliosphere was used as the basis for 2016 release Ven on Elm Records and sections where bounced off the moon as part of Daniela De Paulis’s piece OPTICKS during Bath Spa’s Seeing Sound conference, Bath, UK, 2016.



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