Deep Space Field

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 10.53.54Deep Space Field builds on Space Gardens (2017, Turbulent Forms) – a series of generative works inspired by the hypothetical works of physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson.

Deep Space Field consists of 100 procedurally generated Space Gardens, these images each come with a document verifying the work and placing the image at specific coordinates in the night sky.  Each of the 100 images exists physically as a series of metallic prints owned by the artist and digitally on the blockchain – where the individual Space Gardens can be traded.

Deep Space Field is displayed as a wall display presenting the 100 physical Space Gardens alongside digital transaction information, creating a juxtaposition between the images location in space and its journey as a digital entity.

The accompanying documentation cataloging each Space Gardens position in space and the blockchain is available upon request.

Jul 17 2018_14-17-37_Dan-Tapper_SG00244752-1º1129_1

SG016_8.25.39, 12º32'21


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