Code Poetry


Code Poetry catalogues my work in the field of digital and generative art and design. The initial concept was to create generative artworks inspired by principles of simplicity and form found in zen and haiku poetry – “Code artworks, inspired by zen poetry and haiku. Celebrating the simplicity and beauty that can be found in code.”

The project features over 800 unique generative artworks and has inspired a series of divergent practices in my work as a whole – human algorithms, rule based systems, automatic and machine drawing.

Code Poetry has moved away from being a digital sketchbook cataloguing my work in generative art to being a successful project in its own right  resulting in gallery shows, online exhibitions and features in publications including Wired and the Creators Project as well as a digital following of well over 12,000.

I am currently focusing on applying a stronger curatorial process to Code Poetry both digitally and physically as a platform to showcase ongoing digital narratives, exhibitions and ideas.



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